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2020 Developments

Happy New Year!

Time for an update for you. I've been quiet the last few months, as I've been working on many different projects, one of which is my own band called 'Zopp'. This has been approximately 10 years in the making and it's now finally going to be released on UK label Bad Elephant Music April 2020. From early 2019 up until early 2020, I've worked closely on the mixing of the album with award winning keyboard player Andy Tillison from the prog rock band 'The Tangent'. It wasn't until early January 2020, when we finally finished the mix. Undoubtably one of the most ambitious albums I have made and worked on so far, with some songs consisting of up to 80 layers/ tracks!

Here's what Andy Tillison has to say on the music:

"Musically the debut album is like a large format excursion into some of my fave musical territories. The word CANTERBURY is written in Hollywood Size writing on the hillside... yet this is its own beast. The scale of it is almost orchestral (although it isn't orchestral at all) It's full on electric music, stuffed full of glorious fuzz organs, old clanky pianets, groaning Mellotrons and the occasional synthesiser. It channels Stravinsky, Egg, Hatfield and The North, Anglagaard, the occasional shade of Ambient with massed instrumentation in what to me has become one of the best largely instrumental prog related albums I have heard in a very long time."

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At present I am working on future Zopp material, some film music and musical projects are in the pipeline for 2020. I will keep you updated here.

Here's a shot below during the mixing of the Zopp album, with Andy Tillison on the left and myself on the right; both of us having a laugh!

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